Linoleum print 1/16
Ink on Stonehenge paper
9" x 6.6"
If an angel and a demon went to college, what would they look like? This linoleum print is my interpretation of the petty moral squabbles I have with myself on a daily basis. As a college student, one of my biggest challenges was taking care of myself and taking ownership of the choices that I made as a newly-minted adult. My linocut characters draw from classical sculpture and contemporary fashion to achieve an aesthetic that marries spiritual ideas born in ancient times with the moral quandaries of the modern world. I believe that it's the small actions that determine who a person is, and as this series shows, the proverbial angel on my shoulder doesn't win every time I make a decision. In the moral game of rock, paper, scissors, sometimes the best I can do is find some levity and go best of three.

Development sketches, pencil on paper, 2019

Print installed in a stairwell at Kenyon College, 2019

This work, completed as part of a public-facing anonymous art installation, answers the prompt "Shock and Joy." Along with several other printmakers, I produced a series of sixteen identical prints and distributed them anonymously throughout my college campus. The idea was to capture the attention of passersby, encourage them take a closer look, and have them walk away smiling. I chose to hide my submissions in fun locations, like ankle-height windows on stairwells and in the graffiti-covered walls of a campus art collective bathroom. All of my posted pieces have since been taken home by viewers, which I consider a high compliment. It's exciting to think that my art is in strangers' homes, a pleasing enigma to be enjoyed for years to come.
Series of purple and orange linoleum prints of angel and demon | Maleah Miller

"Best of Three." Final run of 16 prints, ink on Stonehenge paper