Felt, embroidery floss, glue, polyester yarn
Techniques used: Crochet, embroidery
6.5" x 67"
Sometimes the world can be a scary place. When I saw the notification on my phone that Russia had invaded Ukraine, I was wrapped in my warmest blanket, in my bed, and minutes from sleep. I was struck by the massive gulf between my own warmth and safety and the shattering events happening on the other side of the world, events I only knew about because of the report of a small screen no bigger than my hand. This piece was born from my confused feelings that night, as I wrestled with simultaneous impulses to doomscroll endlessly or to shut my phone off, burrow deeper under the covers, and let sleep take my mind off what I had read. It is a work of a particular moment, but also of an ongoing condition; tomorrow, the news will break once more, and we will all be left to pick up the pieces.