Inkjet prints​​​​​​​
Software used: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
Sizes variable
Sometimes keeping in touch with someone isn't just a metaphor. This project, completed for a Color Photography course, was inspired by my sense that the ways we show each other affection – the proverbial kiss, bow, and handshake  – can feel quite arbitrary. What would it look like, I wondered, if people held each other just a little differently?
I'm particularly interested in the ways in which physical support can underscore emotional support. That's why every moment of physical contact in this series is gentle and comforting. That doesn't just apply to the models; even the light and garments envelope rather than crush.
While shooting, I came to realize that the new forms of affection I was exploring didn't exist only in front of the camera. The mere act of taking a photo can be an act of love. In choosing models, directing their poses, and poring over their likenesses, the artist carves out space in their heart and mind for others, if only for a moment.