Lilli render (doll body and dress models by me, rig by Sean Kerrigan, surfacing by Ryan Applebee)

Lilli final character design

Lilli is a short film created with five other students as a part of Texas A&M University's 10-week long Summer Industry Course. My teammates and I were supported along the way by mentors from Dreamworks Animation.

Lilli tells the story of a little girl's doll who leaves her heart at a curbside shrine in New Orleans.​​​​​​​

To see these designs realized in a 3D short film, click here!

Early sketches for "Lilli" 

This gallery of character designs reflects two phases of Lilli's design. In my team's original conception, Lilli was a child's crochet doll left in a tranquil Mexican mausoleum. Her colorful huipil and flower hairpiece were meant to help her stand out against the pale earthy tones of her environment, while her large plastic eyes would imply childlike innocence. When we made the decision to change our story and our setting to New Orleans, a few design changes were needed to better suit the environment. After brief forays into ghostly Victoriana and children's school uniforms, we decided to let Lilli's knitted body shine and outfitted her in a simple white lace dress. In her final renders, Lilli looks simultaneously homemade and ethereal, an adorable bridge between here and the hereafter.